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Yarra Yarra provides premium care for your horses!

We provide blanketing throughout the fall/winter/early spring at no charge. Horses are fed twice a day. Feeding includes 2 full flakes of hay morning and night. We feed premium Orchard grass and/or Alfalfa. Lunch hay can be fed for an additional charge.

RATES:  $1,000.00 4 flakes a day stalls cleaned twice a day 7 days a week.  Board with premium six horse Kraft walker is $1,085.00 for 4 days a week for a full month. We put your horses on the walker in the morning or afternoon any day of the week that you would like for the month. Wash racks have warm water.

There are multiple turn out paddocks for your horse to use. Please contact the ranch for additional details.

Blance and sliver nose.jpeg
Stalls & Paddocks
IMG_0978 paddocks.JPG
IMG_1002 indoor_edited.jpg
Indoor Arena

Lessons by appointment only. Please call and leave a message

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Kraft Walker
Kraft Walker
Kraft Walker
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